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Why Choose PixselChat?


PixselChat has been created by a comprehensive team of leading experts in Communication Technology, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

With knowledge and experience in the commercial and research sectors their dedication to innovative, solution-driven concepts is the driving force behind PixselChat's groundbreaking technologies.


PixselChat is a unique real-time translated communication platform which can operate on SaaS, Device and On-Premise. If information security is a major concern for your organisation, the device or on-premise solutions is best for you.


The unique design of PixselChat makes it easy to add additional language or domain specific dictionaries.


PixselChat can  be interfaced with most commonly used platforms so you can easily add PixselChat automatic, real time, translated communication to your existing videoconferencing or social media applications.


Because PixselChat allows you to communicate online with anyone, without needing to know their language. PixselChat products open the door to businesses, organisations, communities and individuals to have a global reach.

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