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PixselChat’s ground-breaking technology offers real-time, accurate, translated communication in over 100 different languages, presenting unparalleled opportunities for business or personal communications. PixselChat Lounge opens the door to new levels of cooperation, development and understanding and makes webinars, conferences, online education, research and development and breakthrough collaborations more and more accessible. The potentials that lie ahead are limitless.

PixselChat Lounge is an innovative platform that allows you to communicate in real-time in video, audio, text and synthesised voice with anyone online. PixselChat Lounge works on iOS, Android and Web. PixselChat Lounge is multiuser and encrypted and you don’t need to know the language(s) which others are using in order to communicate with them. PixselChat Lounge automatically translates the others speech and text into your own language.



For more details on PixselChat Lounge, please  download our online brochure

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