The App That Brings Ground-breaking Technology to Your Fingertips!

Instantly communicate with others around the world without needing to speak their language.

One of the most exciting innovations to hit the world of communication since the invention of the Internet itself, PixselChat really is a global game changer. 


It is set to become an essential facility for individuals or entire organisations wanting or needing a communication platform with automatic, real time translation. Designed primarily for text to text translation, PixselChat can also translate voice to text and voice to PixselChat Synthesized Voice where the required support is available. All this happens in real time and in over 100 languages and dialects.


one world...
one voice

The instant, real-time translation capability of PixselChat effectively removes the boundaries and limitations created by the lack of a common language and instead opens doors to greater understanding and limitless new possibilities.

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Powerful, Reliable, Instant
multi-user * multi-language * multi-platform

No more long delays waiting for translations or having to miss opportunities because your language is limited


Communicate in over 100 different languages and dialects

Reliable Translation

Accuracy you can rely on in text and spoken communications

Fast Performance

Communications have no real delay so you can hold

real-time conversations


Now everyone speaks your language

PixselChat Lounge

The great way to speak to, text, or live podcast your friends, business colleagues, and contacts around the globe. Everyone can communicate in their mother tongue so no more feeling left out or struggling to be understood.


PixselChat Lounge opens up broad and exciting new possibilities and accessibility for International Teams, Digital Healthcare, Webinars, Conferences, Online Courses and of course, great friendships!

PixselChat Plugin

The ultimate translation solution that you can integrate into your existing apps. For facilitating multi-lingual chatbots, providing global support for your products and services, online gaming, social media, giving assistance in emergency situations, in fact anything where you need to work in your own language but be understood by anyone!

Now you're talking!


Intuitive interface

Clean, attractive design that delivers all the controls and settings you need 

We have designed the PixselChat interface with you in mind. Simple to use and easy to set up, selecting your language is straightforward and any controls you need to make your call a breeze are all clear and close at hand.

Easy to personalise

Making your PixselChat your PixselChat

Settings are there to give your personal preferences priority. Creating things like your online presentation format, your title, a background and selecting the facilities that are important to you couldn't be easier.


What All The Talk is About...

PixselChat is being greeted with enthusiasm and excitement by institutions and individuals alike

I believe PixselChat can make a huge difference in the world - particularly education and politics.

It is like a multi-lingual videochat meeting (but on a different platform) with AI doing immediate translations. Mind-blowing!

Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. It is amazing and its potential to expand communication access is huge.


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